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Dianne Bischoff James

My name is Dianne and I am a Life Reboot Specialist. I tore down my perfectly traditional life and retooled it, piece by painful piece not because I wanted to, but because on the inside, I was dying. Now I'm an actor, author and entrepreneur and I invite you to start creating your best life ever.

Sanctuary For Life Transformation

Live Your Everything is dedicated to midlife reinvention, transformation and personal empowerment. We offer inspirational and motivational products, services and resources to help you find the passion, peace and prosperity you truly deserve in midlife and beyond. At Live Your Everything, we believe that when you do what you came here to do, life becomes increasingly more rich, beautiful and satisfying.

What We Offer

Pragmatic Metaphysics


We combine practical business tools with metaphysical practices such as the Law of Attraction to help you align the external world with your heart's desire. We make it easier to create exactly what you want in all areas of life.


Transformation Tools


We provide transformational tools and training to help reignite your dreams and activate your goals. Whether it is a simple course correction or a full Midlife Reboot, our tools will help you live to the fullest.


Products for Lasting Change


We offer inspirational and motivational products that support health, wellness, anti-aging and personal development. Now, you can refuel your passion and take steps toward positive change.